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10931553_10205816027420633_1362298205888115729_nA Healthy Breakfast Is A Must For A Boss…


Breakfast is a must to set you up for the day and cereal has been a staple part of my diet for as long as I can remember. If I can’t decide what to eat on the weekends and if there is cereal in the press then yes, I will gladly eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. – I’m one of those people!

Lately I am have been craving Special K’s Granola range. Raisins and Red Apples and Cranberry and Pumpkin Seeds and Almonds are delish.

For breakfast I would generally have Natural flavoured Greek yogurt with a bowl of granola. I then add blueberries, strawberries, grapes and/or bananas. The more fruit the better I say. Yes…I am a ‘fruit nut’!

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Milk and honey are also quite nice with Granola. At 175 kcal per serving a bowl, granola is slightly higher in calories that other cereals however, after a bowl full of this you won’t be looking to snack mid-morning and this will definitely keep you going until lunch.

Perfect for a healthy breakfast or a tasty mid-day snack!

Have you tried their granola range? What do you think?

Ps. I will be blogging about Health and Fitness more in the next few months as we all now want to get in shape for Summer so I am now taking blog requests. Comment below or send me a quick message if there is anything in particular you would like me to cover. <3



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  1. Jenny Olatunji says:

    Mmmm granola and yoghurt! Will be looking forward to these posts! you should do a fitness routine or what I eat in a day! I’m also a Health and Fitness Blogger if you need any motivation! x

    NEW POST Jennos Health.

  2. Yeah i am planning on doing a fitness routine soon! Daily posts on what i eat is a great idea! Thanks for the haads up! 🙂 x

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