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Kylie Jenner’s pout has had a lot of us curious about fuller lips. Do lip injections help her out or is she just using some seriously amazing lip liner? Either way there’s no denying that the way she puts on her lipstick makes them seem even more full. This blog post will help you get a fuller lip because after all, who doesn’t want a fuller lip (without any scary injections)? Here are four simple steps to get full, gorgeous, natural-looking lips.



 Choose a lip liner close to the shade of your own lips. You should use this kind of colour no matter what lipstick you are wearing if you are going for a fuller lip. (If you use a darker liner it will make it obvious that you are filling in colour above your natural lip line.) Start by carefully lining your lips going very slightly on the outside of your natural lip line. One of my favourite lip liner’s would have to be the Mac Whirl Lip Pencil. I would generally wear this on an evening out with Mac Faux Lipstick (see image below).



Take the liner and draw a line on the top lip and bring it into the bottom center of the lip. Then do the same on the other side. On the bottom lip, draw one line down the center and two lines from the top center out and down in a diagonal slant. This will create more light on your lips and make them look more three-dimensional.

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 Now pick your lipstick. I usually choose lipsticks that are a few shades darker than my natural lip, but this can work with any shade of lipstick you choose. Fill in the lips using an angled lip brush to blend the lipstick into the line. Using a brush will give the lips better definition than if you were just applying straight out of the tube, by creating a new illusion of where the lip line actually begins and ends. 

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Choose a lip gloss that is lighter than the lipstick – this will create a three-dimensional effect. Apply four dots: two in the center of the upper lip and two in the center of the bottom lip. Then blend together, but keep the gloss just in the middle of the lips, not going out to the sides. This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding on the edges and will attract light to the center of the lips to give them a fuller look.

Young woman applying pink lipgloss --- Image by © Mario Castello/Corbis


If you follow these four simple steps you will have fuller, natural-looking lips – without any scary injections. At the moment I am using Mac Faux Lipstick and the Mac Whirl Lip Pencil a lot. They are both available in Brown Thomas.

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Let me know how you go when you try out these steps for fuller lips. I would love some feedback! If there are any other fashion or beauty tips or trends that you would like me to cover in the next few weeks feel free to send me a quick message or comment below.

I hope you enjoyed reading!

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