#IBA Networking Breakfast | Fashion Boss



On Tuesday March 3rd I went to my first IBA Networking Breakfast in the Trinity City Hotel. Fiona and Emma (the organisers) had everything set up and ready to go for our 7.30am start. I was delighted when we were all welcomed with tea, coffee and pastries. What better way to start a day?


The meet up started off by all of us talking a bit about ourselves, what we do and about our blogs. I thought it was a great idea getting everyone to talk about themselves because we learned a lot about each other and about the wide variety of blogs everyone had – food, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. It was a great way to ‘break the ice’.


Following this, there was a great talk by Ali from Goss.ie. She filled us in on how she started off and about what she had to do to get herself to where she is today. She spoke about the importance of networking, the crazy hours that come with the job and about how to grow your blog.

Myself & Veronika (Style Gamblers blogger)

After endless conversations, chats and catch ups with new and existing bloggers the networking breakfast finished up a few hours later. It was great finally meeting bloggers in person that I’ve had endless conversations with on Twitter for the last few months. Overall, I really enjoyed the meet-up and I cannot wait for the next one which will be held on Thursday March 26th. For more information¬†click here.

Roll on the 26th and I hope to see you there!


Koh Coconut water and Dream Dots goodies!