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Julia Boikova 
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Julia Boikova – Fashion and Textile Designer – Brand Founder


Julia learnt how to sew at the age of 8 and made her first dress at the age of 14. She worked at a sewing factory every summer during secondary school and fell in love with the process of making clothes, the combinations of colours, fabrics and styles.

The designer gained experience in London while working in the fashion and film industry, during which time she graduated from the University of the Arts London (London School Of Fashion) with a degree in fashion design.

Julia is currently involved with kickstarter (the crowdfunding platform), she has until December 3rd to raise a certain amount before the campaign finishes. If Julia does reach goal her full range will be available on her website from mid December. Be sure to click here, check out her full collection and help her reach her goal if you can. 


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