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Hi guys, I am finally back to reality after an amazing few weeks in Croatia and Greece. I’ve pretty much been on the go non-stop since mid-August so I am only getting a chance to catch up on blog posts now. For those of you that follow me on my social media platforms you will know that I’ve been going to the dentist quite a bit over the last few months. Typically, you’re meant to go your dentist for a check up every six months and I hadn’t been in a few years (I admit it) so I needed a bit of work done.

I’ve been talking about my visits to My Dental since March and I have been getting questions about what I was getting done etc so this blog post will hopefully cover everything. Here is the low down!

Back in March I had my first appointment in My Dental in Cherrywood. They also have a dental clinic in Dublin 4 but their new Cherrywood clinic was more convenient for me. From the very first consultation I had the lovely Dr. Rohshini Vennu working on my teeth. I needed to get a number of fillings and I decided to get my teeth whitened too. Since March I have been getting work done and I recently finished my teeth whitening treatment.

Scared of going to the dentist? I have always been terrified of going but I can genuinely say I am now a lot more relaxed and at ease since I started going to My Dental. Dr. Rohshini put me at ease every time I popped in for an appointment, we always had a laugh. The found the staff both professional and so friendly.

Once I had my fillings sorted I started a two week course of teeth whitening. I had to get a mould made for this and then I was all set to go. The teeth whitening kit was simple to use and I found it really effective. I used it every day for two hours over a course of two weeks. Over the years I have tried a lot of teeth whitening products but this one was by far the best. For a price list and more information on teeth whitening and treatments at My Dental in Cherrywood I have included their contact information below.

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 I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the team at My Dental and especially to Dr. Rohshini Vennu for working wonders on my (now) pearly whites. I will be popping in again in six months for a check up and I can safely say I am no longer terrified to go to the dentist.

Address: Cherrywood, Dublin 18 | Phone: 01 554 01 71 | E-mail:

There you have it – my latest review! A special thanks to my photographer David for creating these shots. If there is anything in particular you’d like me to blog about next or if you have any other questions let me know. You can catch me on Snapchat: duffyloikes, InstagramFacebook and Twitter!

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