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I am excited to announce that The Female Portrait will be at Womans World this month. Make sure you pop over to see what they have to offer.


“Only you decide what is beauty, only you decide what is sensual!
Every Female Portrait by Valois photo shoot is UNIQUE. And every session is tailored for YOUR needs. We will coach you through the whole experience. We specialise in different styles of Female Portrait. It includes Boudoir, Fashion, creative portraits, Head Shoots, Casual and Nude.
We want the entire process, from concept meeting to final photo viewing, to empower you.
This is an opportunity for you to explore all the wonderful parts of yourself. All women can be sexy. Self-appreciation and self-acceptance is a great way of enhancing your sense of being and we want to be part of your journey.
Our philosophy revolves around YOU. YOU are the decider of your personal beauty and no one else.”

Video about the project:


Event Details

Venue – RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin

Dates – May 29th – 31st

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