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Whether you’re eighteen, twenty-five, or thirty-five, the challenge to maintain healthy, soft skin can be a daily battle. While there is no guaranteed method to permanently turn back the clock, there are a number of different ways to slow it down and retain moist, soft skin. Here are six simple tips to help achieve softer, more vibrant skin.


Wash your face properly

With so many lotions on the market these days, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and become confused about what to use—especially on your face. Using a cleanser rather than a soap is always a good idea. Soap is usually too harsh for delicate facial skin. The key is selecting a cleanser that doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). It is also advised to use lukewarm water after you finish washing and pat dry– no rubbing.


Try a new moisturizer

It’s easy to stick to the same moisturizer. Once we find one we think works for us we are more inclined to keep using it, however, with scientists discovering new ingredients to fight the war on dry skin, perhaps it’s time to start using a new one. Look for creams containing coffee berry extract or ceramide to get soften skin. At night, using a vitamin-C-based cream can be helpful. It’s not only anti-aging, but it also peels off some of the upper dead layers of skin that cause dullness and roughness. An over-the-counter retinol or prescription Tretinoin (vitamin A) would also help soften the skin and peel off dead layers.


Add more fish to your diet

We’re all familiar with the old adage, “You are what you eat,” but when it comes to your skin, this saying couldn’t be more true. An unhealthy diet full of fast or processed foods and high in sugar will result in a dull, dry, and sometimes acne-riddled complexion. To keep your skin supple and soft, a healthy eating plan is a must. A diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and especially fish. Salmon and herring are packed with omega 3 fatty acids—they help your skin stay smooth and pliable. And of course, don’t forget water!

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Avoid the enemies of soft skin

Alcohol, smoking, caffeine and excessive sun exposure are all factors that threaten healthy skin. Being healthy overall—not smoking or drinking alcohol—helps your body in so many ways, including your skin. Alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes dehydrate the skin and causing a sallow colour, while too much sun also encourages skin damage.


Separate fact from fiction

Sleep, exercise, DIY facial masks—are these things that leave our skin soft? Sleep and exercise are both great for the skin. When you sleep better, you have less dark circles, Being physically active also helps your skin too. It increases circulation and gives a nice firmness to the skin. However, facial massages only offer a temporary effect. They feel nice, very natural and everyone loves ‘natural’ things, but there’s no real data to say they’re beneficial.


Consider a professional cosmetic treatment

Advances in cosmetic procedures have opened the door to many new soft-skin success stories. There are now more chemical [facial] peels than ever. Each is unique and gives more options, depending on skin type and how much downtime someone can tolerate. Microdermabrasion, and some laser-type devices can soften skin. While these cosmetic quick fixes are tempting, they can also pricey and are not appropriate for everyone. Before proceeding with these treatments, a consultation with a dermatologist is recommended.


Well there you have it. Six tips for softer skin -I hope this was helpful. If there are any products you love to use let me know as I am always on the look out for new moisturizers to try. If there is a product in particular you would like me to review feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message.

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