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When it comes to makeup, having it stay on is the whole point of wearing it. Whether you’re evening out your skin tone or covering blemishes, or you’ve even just completed the perfect eye look, having your makeup stay put on your face can be a challenge when you aren’t using the right products.

That’s why i’ve decided to introduce you to some tips that will help your makeup last all day long.–no matter what your skin type is! Oh and i’ve also included some of my favourite products along the way too.

If you try them out let me know how you go! <3



Always start off with a moisturizer.

You want your skin to be fresh and in the best condition possible when putting on your makeup for the day. Make sure you prep your skin correctly with a moisturizer, your skin will be properly hydrated and it will take longer for it to get dry or oily (which tends to ruin your makeup). For those with more dry skin, try an intensely hydrating moisturizer in the winter and for those with oily skin, a mattifying moisturizer should do the trick.

Clinique Face Moisturiser

Under your foundation make sure to apply a primer.

A primer gives your foundation something to stick to and acts as a protective layer between your skin and your foundation. When your face starts to get dry or oily throughout the day, the primer will help protect your foundation from slipping away or clinging to dry spots. There are also primers for just about everyone’s skin concern from mattifying and hydrating to pore minimizing and color correcting. It will give your makeup the perfect base to sit on.

Benefit ‘POREfessional’ Primer


Always set your concealer right away.

A lot of us have the problem of our concealer creasing or getting clumpy throughout the day and immediately setting your concealer right after you apply and blend it will help with that issue. If you use a translucent setting powder as soon as you’re done blending it into your skin, you should have a longer period of time with perfect concealer.

MAC Cosmetics Concealer


Prime your lids too, before applying eyeshadow!

Before you apply your eyeshadow, make sure to use an eyelid primer. Of course, this will help the pigments stay on your eyes all day long, but it will also give you a ton more color payoff.

download (3)
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer


And don’t forget to prime those lips.

Just like your face, you want to make sure that you moisturize your lips prior to putting on a lipstick (you can use a lip balm for this while you’re doing the rest of your face makeup). Then, before putting on your lipstick, swipe on a translucent lip primer that will obviously help your lipstick stay on longer but will also keep it from bleeding onto your skin and gives you more color payoff!

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Mac Prep & Prime Lip Primer

Always set your makeup with a setting spray or a translucent setting powder.

Making sure to set your makeup—whether it be with a setting spray or a setting powder—is a crucial step and probably the most effective step in getting your makeup to last throughout the day. Make sure that everything is exactly how you want it to look because after it’s sprayed or brushed on, it will definitely be harder to move things. This spray/powder is used as a protective layer between your foundation and the elements (or your hands) making your makeup last much longer throughout the day.

Urban Decay Setting Spray