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Coffee, converse and casuals – what more could you want? I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and I hope you’re all all set for the week ahead. I had a great time shooting with my good friend and fellow photography nut Damien Broderick  this afternoon in the city center.

I mentioned just over a week ago that I am doing an exciting collaboration where I style one piece from each week for the next month. I’ve been on the look out for a khaki bomber jacket for weeks now so I was DELIGHTED when I found this one on This is my second street style look of four and I cannot wait to show you my final too.

Let me know what you think!


Kendall Bomber Jacket |

Bomber jackets are HUGE this season and khaki bombers have to be top of my list. I usually dress up quite a bit when I am out and about but I love my casual days all the same. This bomber with my super comfy converse really seal the deal for me. Topped off with my aviators and my latte of course! 😉

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Casual White T-shirt | Topshop

You can’t go wrong with casual tee’s in fairness. To finish off this ‘bomber look’ I decided to go with a simple top. You can never have too many of these and in every colour! #Winning

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Black Petite Moto Joni Jeans | River Island

You have probably seen me wear this quite a bit lately. Again, I bought this over Christmas. I usually buy my jeans from Topshop or River Island. Lately, all of my jeans are Joni’s from Topshop. They are a perfect fit and they are super comfortable.

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White All Star Converse | Schuh

I got these bad boys for Christmas and I am beyond proud to say that they are still relatively white. I was half expecting them to be completely covered in mud or dirt by now so happy out! Fingers crossed they make it to Summer 2016!

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There you have it, my latest Street Style look. Something casual for the weekend. I will be posting my next street style look soon so make sure you keep an eye out. Loads of fashionable inspiration for 2016 to come! Thanks for reading.

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