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Another kind of Paradise…


So guys…I am home and back in action. I flew into Dublin from Agadir late last night after a (beyond amazing) week. I had some laptop trouble when I was over there so I’m only catching up on blog posts, emails and comments now.

For those of you that may have missed some of my holidays pics and vlogs I’ve been posting a lot of them daily on my Instagram page (fashionboss_ie) and on my Facebook page (LJD) and of course… on my Snapchat (duffyloikes). #SnapHappy










After arriving late on Saturday night we checked into our hotel, the Atlantic Palace which was only a 40 minute drive from the airport. The hotel was just perfect. The pool, casino, nightclub, private beach and golf course was great and the location was very central.

As soon as we were rested and ready to go on Sunday morning we had a quick meeting with our rep and booked 5 tours for the week. I love both relaxing and exploring whenever I travel so we had a great combination of both on this particular trip.

We went for some lunch down by Agadir beach and treated ourselves to a glass of white wine by the water front. We then decided to walk down to the marina which was about 3 miles down the beach. We stopped off in some shops along the way and bought a few souvenirs – I LOVE collecting souvenirs from everywhere I travel too.


What I Wore…My Day Look!

I decided to go with a casual look because it was a laid back kind of day. This entire outfit cost less €30. Crazy right? I bought these summer essentials in Penneys.

The marina was just beautiful. The views were breathtaking and the restaurants and bars surrounding it are definitely worth checking out if you are planning on travelling over there anytime soon. The also have some high street shops along the way too so we decided to have a sneak peek – would’ve been rude not too! 😛 I got some amazing photos on the first day so I was delighted. Mount Agadir has Arabic words on the northwest side of the mountain meaning God, King and Nation. The lit up each night which looked unreal.








What I Wore…My Evening Look!

After our trek back from the Marina we relaxed on our private beach for an hour or so and headed back to our room to get ready for dinner. We went to a lovely restaurant along the waterfront which was just a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Both my white corset and my high-waisted skort are from River Island. I will be posting up full details in the Style Guide section of my site soon.

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Make Up Madness…Ruby Woo!

For my birthday on the 8th of May I got a crazy amount of make up (over the moon – thanks to my sister Alex) so I tried out most of it during my trip. My new favourite lipstick is Ruby Woo (see below). The colour is radiant and it is perfect for an evening look. LOVE IT!

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That pretty much sums up my first day in Agadir. I will be posting up my Day 2 blog post soon so make sure you keep an eye out. I will be posting up some more travel tips and some key places to visit too.

Thanks for reading!

Lorna x

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