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Legzira Beach | Desert Views


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On our second day we decided to go on a day trip to the desert and to (one of my places places on the trip) Legzira beach. We passed a number of places on the way Angelou beach and Massa are two that come to mind. Legzira is a few hours out of Agadir so we driving for a good few hours, we stopped off in a few places along the way which broke the journey up so #happyout!



As soon as we got to (one of my places places on the trip) Legzira beach we had about an hour to walk the full length of the beach, soak up the sun and enjoy the views. It was 46 degrees on our third day so the sea breeze was unreal. The beach has a number of amazing natural sea-worn rock archways and it is 10km north of Sidi Ifni. I managed to climb onto one of the smaller rocks to get a few sneaky photos.

The only negative thing I would have to say about this particular beach is the bugs. In the space of an hour I got bitten 5 times which was crazy but there you go.

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After taking at least 50 photos at ‘my favourite beach’ we were taken to a traditional Moroccan house for lunch. It was cool inside thank god because it was 46 degrees. We had an amazing meal – tajin, couscous and oranges for dessert. We were starving at this point so I decided to be adventurous and try all of the food. It was delish!

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After lunch we headed straight for the dessert. As soon as we got there it was the hottest part of the day, it felt like 46+ degrees at the time. Despite the hot stand I ran up to the top of a sand dune (burnt my feet in the process) – it was worth it. The views were beyond amazing. By the time I ran back down the sand dune I was convinced my feet were seriously burnt – they just about survived so all good. Oh and there were a few scorpions waiting for us at the car – fun fun!

We got back to Agadir that evening, showered and headed straight for dinner.

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What I Wore…Evening Look!

I wore a beautiful all-white outfit on my third night. This fringed, lace halter top is just fab! The girls from Wear We Wonder sent me this outfit for my birthday and trip (I absolutely love it), a big thank you again to Wear We Wander. The material was perfect for the hot wear. I added a gold body chain to finish off the look off.

What do you think? x

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We went to a nice restaurant down the road from our hotel – I had the most AMAZING steak!

I will be posting up my ‘Day 4 in Morocco’ travel diary soon. I am still catching up on loads of blog posts and emails so please bare with me! 😛

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Lorna x

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