Fashion Boss Featured in 10TEN Magazine









Exciting news!! Today is a great day for Fashion Boss. One of my articles has been published in 10TEN magazine‘s October/November edition.On a two page spread (as seen above) my piece covers London Fashion Week, this years top LFW shows, sophisticated style and classy dress code.

About 10TEN Magazine







10TEN MAGAZINE is a high end fashion industry publication for Designers, Photographers, Fashion, Hair, Make-up,and Stylists from all around the globe. 10TEN began when two creatives Ricky Woodside and Marc Evans joined forces. With Woodside’s strong background in graphic design and love of photography and Evans’ love of Fashion Photography and with 25 years of industry experience they created this high end fashion industry publication.

Ricky Woodside – 10TEN Creative Director

Ricky is a professional Graphic Designer and Fashion Photographer who has been working in both industry’s for 18 years. He shoots fashion, editorial, fitness, hair, beauty and make-up. His work has taken him to the UK & Europe. Woodside’s design work has spanned across many top agencies and magazines such as Free Flow, Flawless and now 10TEN. He has an edgy and unique contemporary style with a high-end retouching techniques. For more about Ricky Woodside and his work click here or follow him on Facebook here.

Marc Evans – 10TEN Director 

At the age of 8 Marc knew he wanted to become a photographer. After completing a 3 year apprenticeship in North Germany he started working freelance in Germany and England. His career to date has brought him around the world and he is now based in Milan. For more about Marc Evans and his fashion photography click here or follow him on Facebook here.

Shooting in Milan

The creative duo recently did a photo shoot in Milan. It is clear from the below images that Woodside and Evans are an extremely talented team. Bright, edgy and creative – I am LOVING these shots! Check out 10TEN Magazine on Facebook and on Twitter.