How To Find The Best Accessories This Winter

You know how they say; beauty is in the details? The key to creating the perfect outfits are the accessories. If we choose the perfect ones, they have the power to transform our look to a whole new level and leave a remarkable impression. Winter is here and a lot of new trends and styles are having their moment. But how to make sure that we find the best ones of the bunch? Follow these tips to achieve the perfect look and find smashing accessories for this winter.

Know your style and body

Invest in accessories that will fit and improve your winter outfits. Don’t throw your hard-earned money on pieces that are not versatile and can be used only occasionally. The best accessories are the ones you choose them to be. The ones that complement your body type and get the best from your outfits.


Don’t exaggerate

Don’t buy every piece of accessory just because it is trendy and don’t combine too many in one look. Most of the time, less is more. Pick one piece in a bold colour that will give life to your outfit, rather than a few that will make your look messy.

Pick suitable colors

Pick neutral colours or pieces with sleek patterns. Nude, gray and warm colors are the best one to choose. To give a bit pop of colour and a strong winter vibe, always have burgundy and mustard accessories.

Choker necklace

When it comes to the jewellery trend, this season is all about simplicity. Pick minimalist pieces with modern and edgy shapes. The choker necklace is a piece that looks absolutely gorgeous on everyone. It fits in various looks, from casual, everyday outfits to preppy, glamorous looks.



When it comes to bags, this fall we are willing to try something new, more on the casual side. Totes, satchels, and backpacks are having a major moment. The new leather backpacks are the elegant side of sporty. Invest in one and be sure that you will get a great use out of it.


Fedora and Beret hat

If you are a hat person than these two are the perfect accessories for you this winter. Not only that they keep you warm and help you cope with your bad hair days, they can give your outfits a new, attractive look. Pick your favourite colour and enjoy this trendy accessory.


Oversized glasses

Sunglasses are always a good way to go if you want to draw attention. It doesn’t matter if they are prescription or sunglasses, this winter you should wear them oversized. Just have a look at this simple outfit and this classic YSL bag.


Pick the shape that matches your face perfectly and stand out from the crowd.

Experiment with different accessories and keep an open mind. You will be surprised by how just one simple piece can have the power to better different outfits and make them unique.


Thank you to guest poster Jessica Brinley for giving us her expert opinion on all things fashion and accessory related. These are great tips and tricks for finding the best accessories this winter.

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