How To Handle A Busy Lifestyle

Hi guys! How amazing is the weather this week? If only we could all just stay outdoors and soak up the sun. I decided to write this blog post because managing a hectic work schedule or lifestyle in general can be tricky enough. At times I find myself struggling to get everything done on time. The reality is most of us run on tight schedules, yet we still feel we should be more productive. I’ve put together a few ways that will help you clear up your calendar so you can spend more time doing fun (non-work related) things. Have a read and let me know what you think.

Get Out the Door Earlier

Be assertive about leaving the office/your desk at the end of the day. Choose at least one day a week to leave on time. You’ll find that, on that day, you’re more productive. To make sure you get out on time, try scheduling meetings for shorter-than-usual time slots. People will then cut back on small talk to get through work quickly.

Make the Most of your Weekend

Weekends are for dressing up, going for cocktails with the girls, relaxing and having fun. Reclaim your weekends. Make plans to get out the house and stick to them. Meet a friend for brunch, go to a movie, walk the dog. By not lazing about the house on your days off, you’ll feel like you got a lot more out of your weekend.

Kick-Start Your Day the Right Way

Sometimes life can get so hectic that you don’t have a minute of peace. As a result, you can be left feeling all over the place and you can feel like you’re rushing to complete tasks. This can then wreak havoc when it comes to managing time and productivity. Each morning, take ten minutes to yourself, breath deeply, and plan for the day ahead.

Create an iPad/Paper Plan

Put your plans on paper or on your iPad – whichever you prefer to carry around. This should only take 10-20 minutes of your day and will help you maximize your time. At work, divide tasks, etc. At home, sort mail daily, and check every day to see what needs to be done.

Don’t Let Gmail Defeat You

If checking, reading and responding to emails take up a lot of your time, set limits for yourself. Check your email an hour after the day starts and log on only four times throughout the day. If this is impossible, minimize your email application and check it only when necessary. And when someone sends you multiple emails, respond to them all at once, at the end of the day.

Get On a Schedule

Hang a large calendar in a spot you can’t miss. On it, mark which nights you’ll be out and which days you’re booked up. By seeing which weeks are busiest, you’ll find it easier not to attend events etc that just don’t fit your schedule.

Sort Out Your Priorities

Many of us put work first and the rest of our lives second. Reverse this approach by carving out blocks in your schedule for exercise, doctors’ appointments and time for yourself.


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There you have it – a few simple ways to help you manage a busy lifestyle. If there is anything in particular you’d like me to blog about next let me know. You can catch me on Snapchat: duffyloikes, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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