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How To Make Your Nails Stronger After Gels & Acrylics?

tumblr_mdfcy6sHQT1rymbaoGel and acrylic nails are addictive once you start getting them regularly. They look great but, unfortunately, they can damage your actual nails after a while. I used to get gel nails quite a bit a few years ago. They started to soften my nails and this would cause them to break often so I decided to kick the habit and leave my nails to grow. For those of you that still get gel and acrylic here are a few ways to make your nails stronger.

Remove the gel and acrylic  –Be careful when removing them and make sure you don’t peel the nail plate. This will further damage the nail. Many times drills have been used and this constant thinning of the nails damages the nails. Remember that nails grow slowly.

Don’t soak your hands in acetone – When soaking off the acrylic or non-Shellac gel, only put the acetone on your nail plate and not the whole hand.

Shorten Nails – This will be the part you hate, but shorten the nails as much as possible. Because the nails are weaker, from drilling and chemicals, the nail plate cannot withstand pressure. If the nail is shorter, you are less likely to rip or tear the damaged nail.

File Evenly –  A proper manicure includes filing the nail properly and evenly. If you look at your hand and then turn it around the nails should be shaped evenly. Never angled nails or with sharp edges.

Pay Close Attention to Cuticles –  The cuticles will be damaged from the dryness caused from the acrylic and gels. Treat cuticles daily with cuticle oil and never cut. Only cut the dead skin.

Opt for a Natural Manicure – If possible, opt for a natural manicure. This will give the nails time to have the nail plate regenerate with healthy nails.

Take Your Vitamins & Eat Well –  Good nutrition and vitamins play a very important role in nail health. Getting nails fast is easy but it will take time since your nails grow slowly.

How to make your nails stronger – After gels and acrylics is really about paying attention to your nail plate and the length of your nail. When you have a choice, opt for natural nails or a gel manicure from a reputable brand.

I hope this helps, let me know how you go!

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    I’ve never had falsies but i’ll be sure to keep your tips in mind when I do get them!

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  2. First thing I thought of that women are too busy taikng care of others to wait for them to dry. Love the question and the colors. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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