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About Eon Boutique

EoN Boutique was created in 2014 by Emma Lynch with the help of a small web design company called Swift Web. Eon means indefinite or a power existing from eternity. EoN Boutique is based around affordable luxury. Emma wanted to supply beautiful quality items that are on trend, that can’t be found on the high street and that won’t break the bank!

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 I asked Emma to tell me a bit more about Eon Boutique and this is what she said:

‘I feel times are hard for people right now, a lot of people are out of work and as a result they may have to sacrifice the little things that make them feel good, I want to make it so they can still afford to treat themselves and look and feel great.

It sounds silly but I believe people shop for emotional reasons, sometimes it’s less about the accessory and more about how you feel when you put it on. I want my brand to be the necklace that makes your outfit perfect, the earrings that make a mummy feel yummy, I want my brand to be that something extra that makes people look in the mirror at themselves and feel confident. There’s nothing quite like leaving the house and knowing you look good, it puts an extra bounce in your step for the day.’

Price list

 Items range from €5 to €15 (this includes postage and packaging within Ireland)

Enquiries or 0851313266

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Emma was nice enough to post these two beautiful pieces to me a while back. She has a great variety available on her website so make sure you check out Eon Boutique online and check out their Facebook page here.