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Last Thursday, 25th of June I was invited to the KARMA Jewellery workshop at Ely Wine Bar. The event, in association with Breast Cancer Ireland, was the perfect occasion to launch KARMA’s new bangle, featuring the iconic pink ribbon. It was also an occasion for attendees to create their own KARMA!

There were great talks by representatives from both Karma and Breast Cancer Ireland during the workshop. I learnt a lot and I was surprised by some of the stories. I now know a lot more about the charity, the importance of regularly getting yourself checked and warning signals to look out for (see bottom of the page for more info).

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As most of you already know, I am a bracelet nut so as soon as I started making my first bracelet I was hooked and ended up making five (typical me). There were a number of other bloggers there so I had the opportunity to meet a few new faces which was great. After plenty of chats, wine and nibbles my masterpieces were finally finished! I have been wearing them ever since. I also left with the nicest Karma gifts; silver and pink bracelets including the Breast Cancer Ireland bangle. Oh and I got a selfie stick (day made).

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Overall, it was the great occasion to officially launch their Breast Cancer Ireland bangle, of which 10% of sales will go to the charity at the end of the year! I learnt a lot, met some amazing and truly inspiring people and left with my very own Karma creations.

I would like to thank Margaux and all of the team at Argento, Karma and Breast Cancer Ireland for a fantastic and memorable event. I am really looking forward to meeting you all again soon.

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KARMA is an exclusive brand from Argento, Belfast-based contemporary jewellers that have retail more than 40 brands across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.
KARMA’s signature look? Expandable bangles, made for collecting, stacking, mixing and gifting. Our uplifting designs are made to inspire you, allowing you to reflect your true self through meaningful jewellery.
At KARMA, they believe that doing good makes you feel good. They take pride in hand-crafting every single piece of their jewellery in Belfast, and because they want to make a difference to your nearest and dearest , they give 10% of their sales to local and national charities.
In other words, KARMA looks good- feels good- does good.

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During the workshop I learnt a number of things about Breast Cancer including warning signs to look out for. Woman need to become more aware of these signs because the majority of us at the workshop were not aware of most of these signs so you might not be either.


  • Breast Cancer affects 1 in 9 Irish woman.
  • There are currently 2500 new cases diagnosed annually.
  • Only 5-10% of breast cancer cases are hereditary

8 Warning Signs To Look Out For

  • A puckering of the skin of the breast
  • A lump in the breast or armpit
  • A change in the skin around the nipple
  • Dimpling of the nipple or nipple retraction
  • An unusual increase in the size of one breast
  • One breast unusually lower than the other.
  • An enlargement of the glands
  • An unusual swelling in the armpit


Download The App

Earlier in the year Irish Olympic boxer, Katie Taylor, participated in their campaign to raise awareness about the importance of breast health . Click Here to watch Katies awareness video

Their new App is unique in that it offers:

  • A discreet monthly reminder to your phone
  • A step by step simulated video guide on how to perform a self breast examination

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