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Last night Marion Cuddy of Marion Cuddy Irish Designers Emporium hosted a night of Fashion & Fizz in Powerscourt Townhouse. I was delighted to be be attending because I was dying to try out my new Canon camera ( I am addicted to Canon cameras). When I arrived, I caught with many designers including Rebecca Marsden, Honor Fitzsimons, Derek Lawlor and David O’Malley. Throughout the night, their unreal new collections were modelled by two models, Ksenita Step and Diana Kat. There was knitwear, leather, fringe, fur coats and of course accessories. For the remainder of the evening, I couldn’t help but browse through all of the fabulous new collections with the lovely Nirina Plunkett of Killer Fashion. It was a great showcase of Irish and British Fashion. To finish the night off I also caught up with Irish model Sarah Kennedy (from Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model).

A brilliant night with Prosecco, fashion designers, models and of course new collections.















The designers involved:

Derek Lawlor / Lisa Ryder
/ Rebecca Marsden / Getrude Sampson
/ Griffith College Graduates / Honor Fitzsimons
/ Tim Ryan / Emma Collopy / Caroline Mitchell
/ Emma Mckay / Mariad Whisker / Katie Jones
/ Mary Callan / Tyrrell & Brennan / Suzie Mahony
/ Jacinta Pritchard / Laura Jane Halton .

Want to check out these collections for yourself? Drop into Marion Cuddy on the top floor of Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin 2.


IMG_0061 IMG_0056IMG_0055IMG_0046










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  1. The clothes are super pretty. I wish the fur was faux fur. The torture in real fur. 🙁
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