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You might be wondering why I am talking about ‘happy places’ today – instead of my usual ‘Top Fashion Picks’ or ‘Style Guide’ blog posts. Don’t worry, fashion related posts to come but for now I am going to talk about that one special place that everyone has or should have.

For their ‘Mind Yourself’ campaign, asked me to discuss my happy place so here it goes. In my opinion, we all have them. Places that simply make us happy. That one place we can escape to when our hectic lifestyle gets a little too much for us.

Whether I am swamped with college assignments, catching up on my Fashion Boss emails or delving into another marketing campaign for work, I know at the end of the week (if needed) I can drive 30 minutes up the road to escape for a while.

To me, a Happy Place is a place you’ve been to before – it’s a place where good memories were made!



Malahide Castle and Gardens is definitely my Happy Place for many reasons. As a child, this was the go-to place every weekend with my family. My sister and I would take over the entire playground as if it was our own and in particular, we would queue up for a turn on the zip line (which was by far my favourite ‘thing to do’ in the playground)  and we would spend hours on the swings. This was then following by a walk in the castle gardens and a picnic. I have so many good memories from this particular place.

(Images above was taken about 2 weeks ago in yes….they were taken in the playground! #ChildAtHeart <3)

Nowadays, I drive to Malahide Castle to soak up the beautiful scenery, take far too many snaps (occupational hazard as a blogger), go for long walks to clear my head and I usually grab a bite to eat in Avoca or bring a packed lunch if I go with friends. If it’s a particularly nice day, I hire a bike and cycle around the grounds which is just as much fun to do in the rain – tried and tested!



Overall. it’s a place I like to go to clear my head, relax, escape for a while and to be happy!

Well there you have it – now you know all about my Happy Place and where to find me on most weekends if I’m not out shooting my latest #StyleGuide look for my blog.


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Exactly for 2 weeks and 3 days I after 3 years at home Gdansk , for a few days. I really missed my family, family town and my closest friends and my beloved 10-11 year old puppy ‘Whippet’. <3

    I am really happy because of this ^_^

  2. Oh very nice! I love the name Whippet 🙂

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