My Teeth Whitening Experience: PD Dental

I think you will agree that teeth whitening has been a hot topic for years. From teeth whitening strips and toothpaste to laser teeth whitening – there are so many products and treatments on the market to choose from. I will admit I’ve tried my fair share of whitening products over the years but laser is still the most effective in my opinion.

Last year I had my teeth whitened in a clinic in Malahide and I was really impressed with the results. Twelve months on I felt it was time for a top-up so I was delighted when PD Dental got in touch. About a week ago I called into them for a needed pamper session. What did I get done? A scale and polish followed by laser teeth whitening and all in just under an hour and a half.

The scale and polish left my teeth feeling brand new – such a good feeling. For those of you who might be nervous at the thought of booking a dentist appointment – fear not! This is a painless process, I like to think of it as the equivalent to a facial. All you need to do is lie back and relax.

After a short while we moved on to whitening my teeth. For those of you that may not be too familiar with the process it is simple and pain-free.

The Teeth Whitening Process

A plastic device is placed in your mouth, this keeps your mouth open during the process. It allows your teeth to be fully exposed for the whitening to be fully effective. A gel is then applied to your teeth, this is then followed by an activating agent. The third and final part of the process is the laser. Again, this is pain-free, it is basically a blue light that shines on your teeth. This helps speed up the activation of the whitening gel, making your teeth whiter in a shorter space of time.

From experience, each session generally lasts 15 minutes. After the first fifteen minutes the laser light is removed and excess gel and saliva is suctioned away. More gel is then applied to your teeth and then the laser light is switched back on for another fifteen minutes and so on. I had a total of three sessions. It is a simple process and I found it was over it no time. For more information on what is involved click here.

What next?

The next bit is tough if you are a lover of tea or coffee or anything that may stain your teeth for that matter. For the 48 hours after your treatment you need to stay away from these. I know it may sound almost impossible for the Lyons tea lovers reading this BUT it is 100% worth it – I promise!

Overall, I am delighted with the results. Once the treatment was completed my teeth were 3-4 shades lighter and I can really see a difference. If you are considering getting your teeth whitened then I would definitely recommend going for laser teeth whitening for quick results.

The team at PD Dental were super friendly, the service was exceptional, I left feeling stress-free and I wasn’t in pain – this is not something I generally say after leaving a dentist. I will be back again soon for another laser top up and of course a scale and polish.

Price List

Scale and polish – €50

Laser teeth whitening – €150

For more on treatments and prices click here.

– To book an appointment for Laser Teeth Whitening your consultation is for FREE –
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