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Summer means long, hot days. This isn’t always such good news for your hair, though, as it can become dry or damaged due to the harsh rays. To prevent that from happening, here are routines to follow before you head into the sun so that you don’t have to lose your lustrous, healthy locks.


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Summer’s the perfect time to let your hair air-dry – this is also a great way to prevent the overuse of heat-styling tools that can make your hair brittle. Use this opportunity to wear stunning hair accessories when you head to the beach. Consider stylish hats or fabric headbands that are gentle on your hair but keep it out of the sun.

Spray an SPF

You slather SPF onto your skin, but don’t forget about buying a SPF hair product. One that you can spray onto your hair is easy and convenient, but apply it to your scalp too as this skin is delicate and can really burn under the rays. You can find many hair products that contain UV filters besides for sprays, such as gels or creams, depending on what you’d prefer. Keeping your hair protected with sunblock also prevents your color from fading.

Give Your Hair TLC

By keeping your hair conditioned well you can make it stronger against summer woes such as dryness. Sit with conditioner for a few minutes before washing it off or choose a leave-in product. If you have oily hair, it can become stringy during summer because of the heat and humidity, so be more frugal with your conditioner as you don’t want your hair to become limp. Apply most of it to the bottom part of your hair so that you don’t weigh down your roots.

Wearing conditioner is also beneficial if you’re swimming as it protects your hair against chemicals in the water, making it more difficult for them to be absorbed by your locks.


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Avoid Ingredients that Dry Out Your Hair

The drying out effect of the sun is exacerbated by ingredients that are too harsh on your hair. You should stay away from lemon, peroxide, and alcohol ingredients. If you are going to get your hair bleached, do so before summer starts so that you won’t have to use peroxide or hair dye during the hot summer.

Get Regular Trims

Since being in the sun can zap your hair’s moisture, you should trim it every six weeks to get rid of dry, damaged ends. The bonus is you’ll also get rid of split ends and your hair will look healthier.

Boost Your Protein

Your hair is made up of protein, called keratin, so make sure that you continue nourishing your hair with protein to maintain its strength and prevent damage. Do this by eating protein daily, such as by adding chicken, legumes, beans and cheese to your diet.


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Make Your Color Shine

The sun’s rays can make your hair color fade but be careful about what shampoo and conditioner you’re using. You should obviously choose ones that protect against color fading, but also that don’t contain sulfates. These chemicals are too rough on hair, causing it to strip away your colour, so avoid them.

Fancy a hair brightening treatment without the commitment of a full dye job? Get a gloss treatment done at the salon so that your hair will match your bright diamond jewelry. In the same way that you use skin brighteners to give your skin a lovely glow, hair gloss treatments inject your hair with a stunning boost of shine.

Give your hair some much-needed care this summer so you can enjoy the sun without letting it ruin your crowning glory.

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