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Challenge Accepted


Hi guys, how are we all today? I can finally tell you about my latest exciting project. This particular project was with…SHEMAZING!

I have been dying to tell you all about it. A few weeks ago, I was asked by SHEmazing! to be a part of a fashion blogger challenge! Research by SHEmazing! revealed that young women spend an average of €367 on a dress, shoes and accessories for the big night. In addition to this, nearly half of the débutantes surveyed reported feeling under pressure financially due to the costs involved.

SHEmazing wanted to raise awareness about the amount of money that Irish girls spend on their special night, the Debs or should I say Prom?

From experience, after attending my own Debs and going to a few others (back in the day), a lot of money was spent on my dress, accessories, hair and makeup and of course shoes each time!


Let’s face it! The Debs is a big occasion for teens so naturally the temptation is usually to go overboard when it comes to the dress, the shoes and the accessories. This doesn’t have to be the case – you don’t need to spend extreme amounts of money in order to make it ‘a night to remember’. At the end of the day it is the company, the atmosphere and the embarrassing selfies that will make it a memorable night.

When the SHEmazing team asked me to do the challenge I could not wait to get going. I love a good #Boss challenge and a bargain along the way never hurts! I had to style a complete Debs look for no more than €100.

I had an absolute blast browsing through stores to find the perfect Debs outfit. When I first heard about the challenge I thought it would be almost impossible to style an entire look for this amount of money but surprisingly enough it wasn’t too tricky – it was actually fun! In my opinion having to stick to a limited amount when spending allows people to be more creative and gets them think outside the box. The result – you will love and appreciate the outfit much more and I have to admit, I felt a great sense of achievement once I bought the last piece for this Debs Challenge.  

The Dress

I bought this beautiful full length black dress from Debenhams for €70.00. The gold detail really stood out to me and a bit of sparkle is exactly what you need for such a big occasion. Also, the back of the dress is just beautiful, don’t you think? Aside from boutiques and specialist stores there are plenty of Debs-suitable dresses in more budget friendly high street stores as well as many online clothing stores that stock long length dresses at a cheaper price. The more you browse the better!




The Clutch

I picked up this stunning clutch in Parfois for just €22.99. It’s not too ‘out-there’ because I didn’t want it to take away from the beautiful detailing on the dress. It’s simple, the size is just right and there is also a chain attached if you decide to wear it over your shoulder.
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The Heels

These mesh panel heels were a great addition. I spotted these in Penneys and they were ONLY €5.00. Crazy right? If you think about it, the majority of Debs dresses are full length so how much of your shoes will actually be seen on the day? Having a full length dress means your shoes will go unnoticed for the most part. These heels are the perfect height and any type of shoe or heel with a point is a winner in my books.


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The Accessories

The earrings were €1.50 from Penneys. They are simple and add to the overall look. Again, they don’t take away from the dress. Fashion Boss Tip: if you’re going for a detailed dress, one with a lot of sequins etc… opt for a minimal amount of accessories. Then the balance will be just right!


Hair & Makeup

I know many of you are thinking, god I need to book a makeup appointment asap before everywhere is booked out BUT with the help of beauty youtubers (vloggers) and bloggers, you can watch tutorial videos and read articles on how to create different looks yourself! Debs DIY? For this look, I decided to go with a light smokey eye and a hint of gold, a slight eye flick and nude glossy lipstick! PERFECT!

The dress was not strapless so I decided to go with an up-do! Again, why not check out some of your favourite beauty bloggers and vloggers and get practicing before your big day! With practice, hair pins and a can of hair spray you will be a pro in no time!


The Model

Fellow blogger, friend and model Mei-Ling Tong was kind enough to play dress up for this super fun challenge. She really made the entire look come together and I cannot thank her enough for helping me out last minute. She’s a beaut!



For more about Mei-Ling check her out on:

Snapchat: @meiling_t


Fashion Boss Loves A Challenge

So there you have it. Four items, one complete Debs look and ALL FOR JUST €99.49! I would like to thank the AMAZING team at SHEmazing for asking me to take part in this super fun challenge. I had an absolute blast! I hope this has given you some inspiration and if you have a Debs to look forward to or any other big night out for that matter. You can stress less because now you know you don’t have to spend a CRAZY amount for your big night out!

At the end of the day it is the company, the atmosphere and the embarrassing selfies that will make it a memorable night.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading!



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