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A Bright New Start to 2016

How is everyone’s Wednesday so far? For those of you that follow me on Snapchat (duffyloikes) you might have seen that I received the most beautiful delivery earlier today. I arrived home after a shoot to find flowers and a parcel jam-packed with the newest St.Moriz products. There is nothing better than a salon-worthy glow to brighten up a dull January after all.

The St.Moriz team has just unveiled their refreshed Professional range including a completely new look for their packaging (which I love) so I decided to write a quick blog blog to filll you all in on their new range.

 St.Moriz has released an enhanced ultra-hydrating formula. Their newly improved nourishing formula ensures perfect application and a long-lasting finish for the same price. See below for more on the St.Moriz range. All of their new products are available in stores today.

How beautiful are these flowers? Thank you St.Moriz!


I am loving the new packaging!

Professional Self-Tanning Lotion

Their lotion now has Olive Milk & Vitamin E which is perfect for dry skin. It is available in Medium and Dark and suitable for most skin tones. 250ml, €5.00

St. Moriz Professional Dark Lotion

Professional Self-Tanning Mist

This has a fast drying airbrush effect for a flawless tan on-the-go. Like the lotion, it also includes olive milk and vitamin E. Perfect for hard-to-reach area’s. 250ml, €5.00.

St. Moriz Professional Medium Mist

Professional Self-Tanning Mousse

This mousse is a fast drying tan with a long-lasting flawless finish. It’s perfect for a quick tan top-up after showering with minimal drying time. Available in medium and dark and suitable for most skin tones. 250ml, €5.00.

St. Moriz Professional Medium Mousse

Professional Instant Wash Off Self-Tan

This is perfect for anyone that is an instant tan person. It gives a streak free finish, it’s water-resistant and it is ideal for an instant weekend glow. 150ml, €5.00.

St. Moriz Professional Wash Off Body Tan


I will definitely be trying out one of these before I fly to Prague on Sunday. I might go with the self-tanning mist first. I would like to say a big thank you to the St.Moriz team and to Becky and Alex of Pink Elephant Blog. I feel like it’s Christmas all over again. #StMorizLove

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