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More than 40 Victoria’s Secret Angels strutted on the runway Tuesday night (December 2nd) for the most extravagant annual fashion event, held in London’s Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. This year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show included a total of 47 models: Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroess, Izabel Goulart, Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, Behati Prinsloo & Lindsay Ellingson to name a few. The show also showcased the VS debut of just under 10 models and I am delighted to announce that Irish model Stella Maxwell was one of them. #GoIrish

This year’s themes included Gilded Angels, Exotic Traveler, Dream Girl, Fairy Tale, Angel Ball & University of Pink. The angels looked stunning in their selection of lingerie, wings, jewels, accessories and clothing. Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio got the Fantasy Bra honors, showing off a pair of (to die for) jewel-encrusted brassieres valued at $2 million each.

Gilded Angels


“Celebrate the iconic Victoria’s Secret Angel in gold-drenched couture, bold embroidery & delicate beading”

The opening theme of the show featured the gold goddesses in metallic wings, boots and corsets. This was one of my favourite themes. Sparkles, confetti and gold gold gold! Click here to shop the theme.

Exotic Traveler


“Embark on an adventure filled with dazzling designs with vibrant, unique textures & sparkling jewels”

The next part of the show featured a lot of red. There was capes, feathers, mini-jackets and of course Adriana Lima & Alessandra Ambrosio walked the catwalk in their Fantasy Bras (probably the two most highly guarded bras in the world). The lovable Ed Sheeran performed “Thinking Out Loud” as brilliantly as always during this set. Click here to shop the theme.

Dream Girl


“Channel your inner boudoir babe. Let loose at the best slumber party ever with playful looks & push-up silhouettes decked in lace & a powder-puff palette” 

The next set featured fun, flirty, seductive and sexy looks. This included everything from chiffon robes to ribbons and lace to faux-fur pom-poms on the angels heels to seductive stockings. Taylor Swift performed “Blank Space” during this set. Click here to shop the theme.

Fairy Tale


“Get swept away by flowing frocks, ethereal creation in earthy tones topped with iridescent details” 

This was definitely another one of my favourite themes. There was butterfly and leaf wings, flowers, glitter, blues, golds and pastels. I loved it all. Hozier #GoIrishAgain performed “Take Me to Church”. Click here to shop the theme.

University of Pink


“Inspired by PINK’s colourful, cool runway creations”

This set was the Victoria’s Secret PINK section, it was bright, sporty, fun and colourful with crop tops, waistbands and over-the-knee socks.Ariana Grande performed a “Bang Bang”Click here to shop the theme.

Angel Ball


“Opt for an evening of seductive glamour where opposites attract: black meets white & tulle mixes with tuxedo details”

 The final set of the night featured dark colours, black lace, corsets, feathered wings, capes and suspenders. Taylor Swift sang “Style”. The show ended with a bang. Balloons, glitter and confetti EVERYWHERE. Click here to shop the theme.

Another year, another spectacular Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!













Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and Hozier performed on the runway during the show, got into the spirit of the event, coordinating for a major number with Angels clad in various lingerie ensembles.

Swift had both good-girl and bad-girl looks, rocking a long, light pink satin robe with black lace trim over a short matching nightie before changing into a black bra top and panties

Grande needed nothing but a flirty half skirt — the back half — when she rocked the sparkling black outfit with over-the-knee boots.

The Ed Sheeran and Hozier without a doubt looked the part too.

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As you can imagine, an INSANE amount of people were involved in the organisation, promotion, advertising, production and overall coordination of the show. Twenty-five makeup artists, 25 hairstylists and nine manicurists were required to prep the models.

The angels boarded a private jet early Sunday from New York’s JFK airport to London Stansted Airport. As soon as the angles landed in London town they made a surprise appearance at the new VS store on Bond Street. They wore fitted jeans, VS-branded T-shirts and black leather jackets.

So much hype so little time!




Catch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014 on CBS, December 9th 2014


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