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It’s Timi Time

Recently, I caught up with one of the coolest, most outgoing and #SnapHappy people I know – Timi! Whether he’s working on I am Timi, Picture This or just taking random arty shots of our favourite city – this guy is constantly on the go and a huge inspiration. He talks all things fashion and blogging related and of course, all things Timi!


Firstly, tell us a bit about your blog I am Timi?

It’s funny, I started ‘I am Timi’ on a whim on my way home from OFFSET last year; after setting up Picture This a few years ago, there seemed to be a part of me that was left unfulfilled, a part that wanted very much to experiment with elements that I initially explored with Picture This! but wanted to mine in further detail. I wanted to focus more on a different type of photography, a different style of writing and fashion, all in the very urban setting that I had already touched upon since the inception of Picture This!

How did you get involved with Picture This Dublin?

With a phone, a BMX and an outgoing personality, I set up Picture This after someone had said they thought other people around the city would like the stuff I was sharing on my personal page; it was pretty shit back then but it’s evolved over time and particularly on Instagram it has taken off in ways I would never have imagined and I have got to work with the best team that I now call lifetime friends who joined me on my crazy ride along the way…


What is it about Dublin that you find so unique to shoot?

It’s everything really… I mean Dublin is so small, but it is packed full of a whole bunch of stuff and the beauty of it is that it is constantly evolving; there is always something, somewhere and someplace new to visit and I do feel lucky to get to walk around this town, sometimes in a trance, just taking photograph after photograph. 

Where are your favourite spots for street art?

The city is full of many constantly changing spots! Temple Lane South, Crampton Court, Various corners of Smithfield, part of the Docklands, Camden Street… I really could go on and on!

As a fellow blogger I am a camera lover and I am a huge fan of your photos. What camera do you use?

These days the quality you can get from a phone is massive but I love the feel and unique nature of a camera and that extra ooomph you can get from a photograph! My baby is a white Samsung NX 300; I love the gorgeous frame and the fact the lenses can be switched depending on the subject. The main reason I got it apart from the sharpness of the images and portability is that it is wifi connected meaning I can shoot, edit and post on the go!


You have a great eye for fashion. How would you describe your style?

Why thank you!!! I would say very urban! four or five years ago, I dressed in blazers and suits everywhere but I found that to be less than convenient at the best of times. My style is inspired by the city; the metallics, the bricks, the colour and the atmosphere… Back in the 90s we wore camouflage that definitely didn’t hide us in the city but I feel like my style blends into the city while still keeping me apart from the crowd.

What are your favourite high street stores?

On the high street, the likes of Topman, River Island and co are obvious ones and I shop there for staple bits and pieces but I prefer the likes of Nowhere, Tamp & Stitch, Indigo & Cloth and the now ‘deceased’ Castle Drury!


Name one thing you could not live without.

My iPad! My Camera! My Phone! One of those three!!!

With your busy lifestyle, what do you do to unwind?

I read a lot of books! I can’t stop reading, it’s probably my favourite thing to do and where I get my wild imagination! Being able to lose oneself in a universe completely made up in someone else’s head is an enthralling and almost transcendental experience! I love the work of Orson Scott Card, Neil Gaiman, David Wong, Sean O’Casey and much much more!


For the latest on everything Timi related check out his blog I am Timi.

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